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I always intended to head to the Baltics, a region containing nations including Lithuania, Latvia, and also Estonia. Part of it was the attraction of the area. During the time it belonged to the Soviet Union, not muchwas understood about the region. But inside the Soviet Union it was known as among the most successful locations of the country. It’ s a single thing to reside or even check out Russia or Ukraine, however it was actually fully one more to see the Baltics.

The Baltics are different. Unlike the Slavic foreign languages like Russian, Ukrainian or Belorussian, the languages talked in the Baltics perform certainly not come from the exact same language family members. Lithuanian and Latvian are related however not equally incomprehensible. On the contrary, Estonian is very closely related to Finish.


Lithuania, together withLatvia and also Estonia, is just one of the three Baltic nations set down in the Northeast of Europe near the border withRussia.

lithuania women is actually a fairly tiny country along witha population of only 2.8 M folks. The capital and the biggest metropolitan area is actually Vilnius, witha population of just regarding 500,000 citizens or so.

I invested regarding two years residing in Vilnius. I likewise circumnavigated the country quite a bit, so I experience I have a really good understanding on the mindset of people.

In that period of time, I dated many Lithuanian women and also possessed one serious partner along withwhom I invested a great section of time lifestyle.


Lithuania possesses a stormy past. The country’ s main concern was its own geography: it was actually regularly sandwiched in between pair of major powers: Germany and Russia.

This implied that, for the majority of its past history, the bigger energies utilized the little nation as a stream to either preempt assaults or even a setting up ground for an offensive campaign.

At one point, Poland soaked up Lithuania right into its own realm. At that point it was the freshly created Soviet Union, after that it was actually the Germans throughout WWII. At that point it was actually the Soviets again.

Finally, in 1991, Lithuania ended up being individual. And also, in 2004, it signed up withthe European Union.

While one might contend that Lithuania is currently totally private, as a member of the EU, it still needs to solution to yet another manager- the bureaucrats living in Brussels.

Nevertheless, today Lithuania is rapidly ending up being a quick and easy country to live and to do company. Among the most ideal things about Lithuania is its own super-fast Web that you can receive for an extremely small cost. When I lived certainly there, I enjoyed a 100Mb Internet for merely something like $10/month.

It’ s also a nation that ‘ s cleaner, possesses a lot less corruption as well as so muchmore organized than practically all the other Soviet Union states apart from its Baltic siblings: Estonia and Latvia.

In regards to the mindset of the people, I always assumed that Lithuania was actually closer to its own Slavic countries like Ukraine rather than its own Western neighbors. However I possessed the inappropriate assumption. Lithuania (and the rest of the Baltic countries) is undoubtedly closer to countries like Germany and also Scandinavia.


Lithuania’ s language is Lithuanian. It ‘ s somewhat distantly related to Latvian and additionally to the-now-extinct Old Prussian.

Since it doesn’ t connect to various other foreign languages, it’ s a fairly toughlanguage to understand. I would rate it closer to Hungarian or even Finnishin terms of trouble.

Unlike other International foreign languages, many words bear no resemblance to their Englishsubstitutes.

So, if you actually wishto know it, you should dive head first and start from the starting point.

The excellent news is actually that a really good portion of the population talks Russian, a heritage of its Soviet past. This is actually only relevant to those who’ re 35 +.

This is muchmore therefore in Vilnius, where virtually every person over 25 years old may a minimum of recognize essential Russian.

When I lived there, I talked Russian to the older people and also Britishto the younger ones.

The women

The first thing you see regarding Lithuanian women is that they’ re remarkably lovely. The most effective means to explain them would certainly be to state that they’ re some type of a cross in between Ukrainian as well as Russian witha style of Scandinavian blended in.

They have this ” Northern ” want to it. Highcheekbones, pale blue eyes, white colored skin.

There were times when I practically presumed that practically every lady might be a supermodel. They are actually also incredibly womanly as well as know exactly how to dress when going out, etc.

They’ re likewise high. Extremely tall. I feel Lithuanians are a number of the highest people in Europe. It wasn’ t unheard of to be encompassed throughwomen who are actually all at least 5′ 10 and above. Thus, if’you ‘ re a man who ‘ s on a muchshorter scale( below 5 ‘ 8), you ‘ ll definitely feel it: people will certainly be floating above you.

But something kept troubling me throughout my visit. I was in Eastern Europe, but the women didn’ t act Eastern International: they didn ‘ t act like the women in the other Far eastern European countries like Romania, Ukraine, as well as Russia. For a long time, I couldn’ t figure out why. Everything was aligning: I was in Eastern Europe, in a past Soviet Union country; some of these women even spoke Russian, yet they didn’ t process Asian European.

I eventually discovered the trouble after consulting witha Russian fella who had actually been actually living in Lithuania for some time. His impression was actually that Russian and Ukrainian women are muchmore ” gentle ” and also ” feminine. ” He had some trouble describing his encounter, yet I knew precisely what he was actually referring to. Russian and Ukrainian women are a little muchmore womanly; Lithuanian women are a bit muchmore Westernized. The distinction isn’ t significant, yet if’you ‘ ve devoted time in Russian and also Ukraine, you’ ll definitely notice it.

The wrongdoer could be environment. lithuania women lies all the way in northern Europe so it’ s completely chilly most of the year. The summers are nice as well as pleasurable however quick. Obviously, the people conform as well as become muchmore reserved, compared to point out the friendly Italians or Spaniards.

Nevertheless, there hasn’ t been actually yet another country where I’ ve seen so many gorgeous women in one spot. I can virtually be strolling on the street and also thinking to myself, that female may conveniently be a version, or even that female, or even that woman. They are that wonderful. Yet they’ re additionally a bit extra Westernized than their Far eastern versions. Now, whether you look at that as an advantage or even a downside is completely up to you.

Where to satisfy women within the day

Just about anywhere, yet if I can easily make an easy pointer: I wouldn’ t advise meeting all of them out on the street while they ‘ re in a thrill somewhere. Instead, you’ re far better off satisfying all of them when they’ re relaxing in a coffee shop or browsing in some clothes store.

One of my favored techniques- as well as one where I picked one of the most amounts- was in fact in a Zara on Gedimino Program, the primary road in Vilnius. (I also possessed good chance at the H&M neighboring).

The women were extremely rested and usually open up to strategies unlike those that were going to some place.

Another excellent location for moving toward is actually a book store or a collection. Lithuanian women enjoy to check out, thus you can grab effortless numbers while browsing a large or even little book shop or even inside the public library.

Meeting women at night

Lithuania has good nightlife. The problem is actually that the metropolitan areas are actually only as well small to offer you a wide range of various places as well as clubs. Nonetheless, the principal city, Vilnius, possesses a lot of clubs withan excellent, pleasant atmosphere.

There are also a bunchof clubs there at the same time.

In the summertime, an actually excellent choice is actually the seaside city of Palanga. That’ s where most of Lithuania goes to cool off.

There’ s constantly stuff taking place bothduring the day and during the night. In the evening, there are some actually occurring clubs.

Meeting women on the internet

While the night life isn’ t the best, I was actually shocked at just how effortless it was to meet women online. AlthoughI possessed suitable success withTinder, easily, the very best excellence I possessed when I used an internet site called Lithuanian Cupid to satisfy women. In fact, this is actually the web site I completely recommend when you are actually trying to fulfill women in Lithuania.

A lot of women I matched were Russian and also Ukrainian women dwelling in the country, however I likewise matched a lot of gorgeous lithuania women as well.

If you’re even taking into consideration complying witha wonderful Lithuanian gal, undoubtedly give Lithuanian Cupid a go. You won’t be disappointed!

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